ToM Manegolds Playlist WGT 2015 (Altes Stadtbad Leipzig)


Dead Letter        Diary Of Dreams
In The Army Now        Laibach
Frauenklage        Helium Vola
Let Me Show You All The Secrets Of The Torture Garden    Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
Schwarzer Witwer    Janus
Hispanola        Vangelis

Turtle Recall III    Mental Measuretech
Brain Mismatch        Audiomachine
Etno Jenny        Mari Boine
Flamma Flamma        Nicholas Lens
Return To Outremer    Irfan
Djanga            Mila Mar
Vessel            Zola Jesus
Terribilis        Rosa crux
Sugarbread        Soap & Skin
Allegro con fuoco    Lisa Morgenstern

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Playlist of Gala Nocturna


This is my playlist of GALA NOCTURNA (Date: Saturday March 30, 2013 @ Antwerp)
I used the following tracks, but not 100% exactly in this order. Some tracks I used only in parts or fragments.

Thanx for the invitation. Many pictures from this evening you can find on Gala Nocturnas Facebook-Side

  • Ave Satani    Goldsmith, J. (The Omen)
  • Frauenklage    Helium Vola
  • Belle Jolande    Ataraxia
  • Vision    H.v.Bingen
  • The Mystic Dream    Mc Kennith, Loreena
  • Sturmnacht    Schandmaul
  • Aradia    Inkubus Sukkubus
  • Riders    Soukup, Ondrej
  • Complorate Filiae    Lens, Nicholas
  • Mille Anni Passi Sunt    Corvus Corax
  • Wolftribes    Sephiroth
  • Audiomachine – Brain Mismatch
  • Requiem for a Dream (Orchestral Version)    Clint Mansell
  • Cantus    Faith And the Muse
  • To Die Among Strangers    Rome
  • Lucrecia    Ataraxia
  • Coroner’s Sun (Official Version)    Kirlian Camera
  • Klevasbergselden    Garmarna
  • Procession Nocturne    Gae Bolg And The Church Of The Fand
  • Flamma Flamma    Lens, Nicholas
  • Hagia Sophia    Irfan
  • Live Show Intro    Omnia
  • Time Bealtaine    Omnia
  • Auta Luonto    Omnia
  • Andro    Faun
  • L´Appel De L´ange    Engelsstaub
  • Cantara    Dead Can Dance
  • Dulcis Amor    Qntal
  • Dragonfly    Sanctum
  • Vivaldi – Classic Dubstep (Polar Remix)
  • Saber dámor    Heliumvola
  • Frühling    Qntal
  • Terra aquarius    Lens, Nicholas
  • Hispanola    Vangelis
  • Nierika    Dead Can Dance
  • Silent In Time    In The Nursery
  • In Corpore    Lens, Nicholas
  • Utopia    Brendan Perry
  • Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize
  • container park    The Chemical Brothers
  • K- Pax    Kirlian Camera
  • The Broken Ones    Diva Destruction
  • in tenebris    Rosa crux
  • Clubbed To Death (Verehrt und Angespien Rework)    Rob D vs. Klaus Kinski
  • Angel    Massive Attack
  • Turtle Recall III    Mental Measuretech
  • Protectors of the Earth    Two Steps From Hell
  • All Is Hell That Ends Well – Two Steps from Hell – Skyworld
  • Europa    Triarii
  • Where the Ancient Laurel Grows    Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows
  • Satyros Live    Faun
  • The Sheenearlahi Set Live    Omnia
  • Kelling    Valravn
  • Austra – „Beat and The Pulse“
  • Sugarbread    Soap&Skin
  • Dream Is Collapsing    Hans Zimmer
  • Arddyledog Ganu    Test Dept.
  • Swords to Rust – Hearts to Dust    Rome
  • The Human Game    Gerrard, Lisa
  • Herr Mannelig    Garmarna