Göttertanz Playlist vom 17.03.18


Widukind „Berlin-Bagdad“
Gerrard, Lisa „The Unfolding“
Game of Thrones Season 6 OST „The Winds of Winter“
Hans Zimmer: Black Hawk Down „Still-Reprise“
Interstellar Main Theme
Johan Johansson/ Prisoners OST: The Candlelight Vigil
Jóhann Jóhannsson: Its Not Your Fault
Jóhann Jóhannsson: Payphone
OMNIA: Toys in the Attic
Sinke Dûs: That Which Was Lost

Sopor Aeternus: Question Beyond Terms
Branduardi, Angelo: Ballo in fa diesis Minore (album)
In My Rosary: Wahre Freundschaft
Death In June: Break the Black Ice
Rosa Crux: Exvrge
Ordo R. Equilibrio: Hell is where the Heart is – The Gospel of Tomas

Die Fantastischen Vier: Millionen Legionen
Schandmaul: Sturmnacht
Qntal: Palästinalied

Audiomachine: Fire and Honor
Irfan: Hagia Sophia
Faun: Punagra
Björk: Army Of Me
Zola Jesus: Vessel
Dolores Riordan: God be With You

Goethes Erben: Lazarus
Nine Inch Nails: Closer
Bearer Of The Inmost Sun: Hail Jerusalem
Triarii: Roses 4 Rome (Feat. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)
Dead Can Dance: Opium
Faun: Gaia
Helium Vola: Saber D_amor
Qntal: Frühling
Faun: Oyneng Yar
Zola Jesus: Soak
Lisa Morgenstern: allegro con fuoco
Fever Ray: Keep The Streets Empty For Me

Wardruna: Helvegen
Sephiroth: Wolftribes
Rammstein: Spring
Hans Zimmer: Time (Instrumental Core Remix)
Game of Thrones: Main Theme (Extended)
In The Nursery: Silent In Time
Dernière Volonté: La Foudre et le Tonnerre
Ball, Dave: In Strict Tempo
Hunting Lodge: Tribal Warning Shot
Garmarna: Antiokia
OMNIA: Mongol

Helium Vola: Selig
Lens, Nicholas Sumus Vicinae
Sopor Aeternus: In der Palästra
Rosa crux: terribilis
Heilung: Alfadhirhaiti
Omnia: Wytches Brew
Omnia: Satyr Sex
Mila Mar: Nova
Daniel Pemberton/King Arthur OST: The Devil & The Huntsman
Massive Attack: Inertia Creep
Blood Axis: Reign I Forever
Triarii: Ode To The Sun
Zola Jesus: Exhumed
Rome: Swords to Rust – Hearts to Dust
Of The Wand & The Moon: A CANCER CALLED LOVE
Goethes Erben: Sitz der Gnade
Therion: Rise Of Sodom And Ghomorra
In Extremo: Herr Mannelig
Corvus Corax: Dulcissima (Single)
Valravn: Kelling
FAUN and The Pagan Folk Festival feat. Sieben and In Gowan Ring Live: Satyros
Cranberries: Zombie
Rome: Der Wolfsmantel
Sol Invictus: Black Easter
Rob D vs. Klaus Kinski: Clubbed To Death (Verehrt und Angespien Rework)
Cave, Nick: Ship Song
Deine Lakaien: Love Me To The End (live acc)
Lisa Morgenstern: Eskalation [cello version]
Gerrard, Lisa: The Human Game
Sopor Aeternus: Saltatio Crudelitatis


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